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Mit Sicherheit eine gute Verbindung


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Actual Year

17 1 Two reading-tips about emergency scenarios and suggestions to be better seen in road traffic.  


16 1 Health Tipps: Snacking / Practical Information: Elevator Emergency Plan, Refugee Aid, Barthing Season / News: Certo Magazine / Further Trainung for responsible leaders, technicians and safety assistants in churches and social institutions.  
15 2 Sick at vacation / Smoke detectors / Food labelling  
  1 Eye-Safety / Revision for First-Aid / e-learning Software „Wege weisen“.  
14 2 check your work-life balance! / operation of elevators / Ebola infection /
EFAS Newsletter
  1 Health Tips: Eyes and Monitor / DIN 13164: Modified content for car first-aid-kits / New fire extinguishers-symbols in Europe / Training: VBG-Online: E-Learning for Spine-Prevention and Stressmanagement  
13 2 Back pain is considered to be the most endemic disease / new important judgment from the law-court in Schleswig about the obligation to wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle./ Training: The Occupational Health and Safety Insurance (VBG) offers a new computer program titled: "Wege weisen“  
  1 Jogging – the other way to walk / USB-Info: Hygienic kitchen equipment, Hygiene for kitchen staff and Food Hygiene / Remember me. Your back / 8th.-9th. of November: health and safety conference  
12 2 Put into practice: Christmas season - candle season / Concerning hygiene in kitchens (people, equipment, food) / Training: On the subject: "Thief of our freedom"  
  1 Put into practice: Safe working on the roof, Trampoline-rules / News: Education of a first-aider of the curch and driving licenses / Training: New member of our team: Johannes Schmidt, Review Conference 2011, Stress prevention course.  
11 2 Actual news / Occupational health and safety in churches and social ministries / Education and Cooperation: "Conference for occupational safety in free Churches at Dorfweil/Hessen“ for Employees and Interessted People at Dorfweil/Hessen (28.-29.10.2011)
  1 Actual news / Checklist "reoccuring " / USB-Info "Special Events" as help for the planing and conducting of special events in churches / 28.-29.10 Conference for occupational safety in free Churches at Dorfweil/Hessen
10 2 Emergency call 112 without area code in europe / Translations of informations into englisch / Handling of noise/ Motor saws / BG-Seminars / VBG-Securityreport
  1 Revised USB-Safety handbook without login on aur homepage (a translation into english is coming up / Standarts for first-aid kits have been revised / stress-prevention-seminar from 27th to 29th of september in Meschede
09 2 Dr. Peter Farbitzius: "new flu" / USB-conference Dorfweil / Cooperation: Seminar by the VBG und the IGNIS academie / 2010: planed praxis-seminars about "Arrange-ments an proofing of playgrounds" and "training for janitors"
08 1 Agreement between the churchirganisations (BEFG & BFP) and the occupational health insurance (VBG) / The new Accidential Care Program of the VBG / Courses for caretakers in Minden and Zwickau